CSE Citation Guide

Kamehameha High School

CSE Citation Guide
(Council of Science Editors)

(This guide is based on Scientific Style and Format:
The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers
7th edition, 2006)

(Information in this Citation Guide is taken from the Ohio State University Libraries Research Strategies Online CSE Style Guide, 2010 Sept. 22)

Keku‘iapoiwa Learning Center

Books with 1-10 authors Format

Author’s last name First initial(s). Title. Edition. Place of Publication: Publisher. Date. Pages.

Citation Example
McCormac  JS, Kennedy G. Birds of Ohio. Aubrun (WA): Lone Pine. 2004. p.77-78.

Books with 10 or more authors Format
Author’s last name First initial(s), et al. Title. Edition. Place of Publication: Publisher. Date. Pages.

Citation Example
Schearts D, Ryan S, Wostbrock F, Lee C, Underwood C, Gray N, Keene C, Dias J, Cabral C, Hill J, et al.  The encyclopedia of TV game shows. New York: Facts on File. 1995. 341 p.

Chapter within a Book Format
Author’s last name First initial(s) of author of chapter. Title of chapter. In: Last name  First initial(s) of author or editor of book. Title of book. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication. Pages.

Citation Example
McDaniel T, Valdivia R. New tools for virulence gene discovery. In: Cossart P, Boquet P, Normark S, Rappuoli R, editors. Cellular microbiology. 2nd ed. Washington (DC): ASM Press. 2005. p. 473-488.

Electronic Books Format
Author’s Last name First initial(s). Title. [Internet]. Edition. Place of publication: publisher. Date. [cited date]. Pages. Available from <URL>.

Citation Example
Norman R.  The moral philosophers [monograph on the Internet]. New York: Oxford University Press. 1998. Cited 2001 Aug 14. 229 p. Available from: http://www.netlibrary.com/

For 2 to 10 authors, list the authors as above, separating names by comma and space. If there are more than 10 authors, list the first 10, followed by “et al.” or “and others”. If the article is anonymous, write “[Anonymous]” in place of the author.

Web Page Format

Author’s last name First initial(s). Document title. [Internet]. Place of Publication: Publisher; Date [cited date]. Available from:  <URL>.

Citation Example
Lefebvre P.  Molecular and genetic maps of the nuclear genome [Internet] Durham (NC): Duke University, Department of Biology; 2002 [cited 2003 Aug 5]. Available from: http://www.biology.duke. edu/chlamy_genome/nuclear_maps.html.

Print Journal Article Format

Author’s last name First initial(s). Article title. Journal Title. Date; Volume(Issue): Page number starts-ends.

Citation Example
Meise C,  Johnson D, Stehik L, Manderson J, Shaheen P. Growth rates of juvenile Winter Flounder under varying environmental conditions. Trans Am Fish Soc. 2003; 132(2): 225-345.

Online Journal Format
Author’s last name First intial(s).  Article title. [editorial/letter/news/abstract] Title of Journal [serial on the Internet]. Date published. [Date cited]; Volume(Issue): Pages <URL>.

Citation Example
Hong P, Wong . GeneNotes: a novel information management software for biologists. BMC Bioinformatics [serial on the Internet]. 2005. Cited 2005 Mar; 1; 6(20): 10 pages  Available from: http://www.biomedcentral. com/1471-2105/6/20.

Full-text article from a database
Author’s last name First initial(s). Date.  Article title. Title of Journal  [Internet]. [Date update; date cited]; Volume(Issue):Pages. In: Database name.

Citation example
Tripp S, London T, Spend DT. 2005. Greeting the protein. JGrowth [Internet]. [Cited 2007 Feb 2010]; 10(9): p. 2022-2030. In: EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier.



Printed Magazine Format

Author’s last name First Initial(s). Article tile. Magazine Title. Date; Pages.

Citation Example

Hesman T. Another chromosome down, more to go. Science News 2000; 311.

Online Magazine Format

Author’s last name First initial(s). Article title. Title of Magazine [serial on the Internet.] Date published [Date cited]; Available from :<URL>.

Citation Example

Saletan W. The ethicist’s new clothes. Slate [serial on the Internet]. 2001 Aug 16 [Cited 2001 Aug 17]; Available from: http://slate.msn.kcom/framegame/ entries/01-08-16_113959.asp.

Printed Newspaper Format

Author’s last name First initial(s). Article title. Title of Newspaper (edition). Date;  Section designator: Page number (column number, if available).

Citation Example
[Anonymous]. Gene data may help fight colon cancer. Los Angeles Times. 1990 Aug 24; Sect A:4.

Online Newspaper Format
Author’s last name First initial(s). Article title. Title of Newspaper [Internet] Date published [Date cited]; Available from: <URL>.

Citation Example
Wright S. Curriculum 2000 draws criticism. The Chronicle [Internet] 2001 Jan 25 [Cited 2001 Nov]; Available from:  http://www.chronicle. duke  edu.story.php?article_id=21459.

Email Format
Author’s last name First initial(s). Subject line [Email]. Message to: “recipient’s First name Last name”. Date created [Date accessed].

Citation Example
Baker V. Tips for finding sources [Email]. Message to: Jane Robinson. 1996 May 3 [cited 2002 Oct 28].

Conference Proceedings Format

Author’s last name First initial(s). Title of publication or conference. Name of organization [Abbreviation]: Conference name; Conference date; place of conference: Publisher. Date of publication.  Pages.

Citation Example
Rodhe K, transcriptionist. National Toxicology Program Board of Scientific Counselors technical reports review subcommittee. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [NIEHS]. National Institute of Environmental Health  Conference; 2006 Aug 28; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: NIEHS .2006. 12 p.

Government Documents Format

Organization name (Country)[Abbreviation]. Report title. Report description. Place of publication: Publisher; Date created. Total pages. Available from: Name City, State; Other identifying information.

Citation Example
Nuclear Regulatory Commission [USA]. Human factors research and nuclear safety. Washington (DC): National Academy; 1998. 122 p. Available from: NTIS, Springfield, VA; Pr. Contract no. NRC-04-86-301; PB89-175517.

Technical Report Format

Author’s last name First initial(s). Date. Title. Place of publication: Publisher; Date.
Report #.

Citation Example
Ford PL, Fagerlund RA, Duszynski DW, Polechis PJ. Fleas and lice of mammals in New Mexico. Fort Collins (CO) : USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station; 2004. General Technical Report No. RMRS-GTR-123.

Citation Format #1

Schott J, Priest J. Leading antenatal classes: a practical guide. 2nd ed. Boston (MA): Books for Midwives; 2002.






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