Kaiona: guides; helps another find his way

“Kaiona, a goddess of Puʻu Kaʻala and the Waiʻanae mountains on Oʻahu, was believed to be a benevolent relative of the goddess Pele. She helped those lost in the mountains by sending her pet birds, especially her favorite ʻiwa bird, to guide them to well-traveled paths leading to their homes.

Over time the name Kaiona has become synonymous with one who helps another find his way. Bernice Pauahi is compared to Kaiona in the song ʻHe Inoa no Pauahi,’ which is performed by Kamehameha students at Founder’s Day celebrations.” (Mitchell, pg. 113)


Kū Kilakila ʻO Kamehameha, Donald D. Kilolani Mitchell, Kamehameha Schools, Honolulu, 1993.