pahu2Hawaiian Culture Culture based education will occur in various ways including:

  • understanding the pahu~the metaphoric representation of Kapālama Middle School’s vision “nurturing student voices”
  • learning various protocols such as Wehena, Panina, Oli, and Pule
  • experiencing hands-on activities at culturally rich locations like Keanakamanō and Helumoa
  • hearing moʻolelo of and connecting personally to the people whom our buildings are named after (Naeʻole, Kahaʻōpulani, Keawe, Kaʻōleiokū, Kalama, Keliʻimaikaʻi, Kaiona)
  • appreciating the uniqueness of the 8 pūʻulu and the characteristics and values associated with them

Future Learning Ka Ulu Aloha fosters future learning skills through:

  • Collaborating in an open learning environment
  • Encouraging an iterative approach to problem solving
  • Integrating 1:1 laptops as a learning tool while gaining foundational technology skills

Community Building Ka Ulu Aloha fosters community building by:

  • Familiarizing students with the campus, faculty, and staff
  • Embodying the Middle School Philosophy including teaming and forming strong relationships
  • Creating a shared Ka Ulu Aloha experience between students, faculty, and parents through social media and exposure to Wehena and Panina.

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