Kamehameha Schools Values

Aloha: love, affection, compassion, sympathy Love and respect for the Lord, our natural world, and one another, is our foundation.

‘Imi na ‘auao: to seek enlightenment, wisdom and education The quest of knowledge and enlightenment is essential for an educational institution as Kamehameha.

Malama: to care for, to protect, to maintain, to attend to Caring for one another and all aspects of Pauahi’s legacy, will enable our institution to flourish.

‘Ike Pono: ‘Ike – to know, to see, to feel, to understand, to comprehend, to recognize; Pono – righteous, appropriate, moral, goodness, proper, fair Urges us to integrate our intellect and our intuition.

Kuleana: privilege, responsibility, area of responsibility Denotes the responsibility, which accompany our blessings.

Ho ‘omau: to persevere, perpetuate, to continue Let us perpetuate the legacy of Ke Ali ‘i Pauahi.

Ha ‘aha ‘a: humility, humbleness, modesty Let us persevere with humility in all that we do.