Blogging can be a great way to communicate more effectively, share information and stimulate discussion. As someone wise once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

You are the owner of your KS Blog and are responsible for the content of your blog, including comments that may be posted to your blog. Please review and remove inappropriate comments and content on a regular basis.

Students can participate in KS Blogs via the commenting feature. When commenting, they should only use their first name and last initial for “Name”, use their KS email for “Mail” (this is not shown on the public blog), and refrain from posting their email address or using other student’s full names in the content of their comment.

By using their KS email address, when you moderate the comments or as an admin of the blog, you can tell which student is posting the comment.

Other basic guidelines when using KS Blogs:

  • Images: Resize your images prior to upload to have a maximum width of 500 pixels.
  • Content: Please use common sense, and keep the educational focus (i.e. no commercial or political views please).
  • Privacy: Protect our keiki, your blog is viewable by everyone on the internet.
  • Backups: You are responsible for your own content, please keep backup copies of your work and files.
  • Security: Please do not share your login information with anyone.
  • Copyrights: Do not post copyrighted materials on your blog, including text, images, audio and video.

Logging In

You can log in at using your KS username (first part of your email address) and password (same as your KS network login).