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Pokemon Go! Morphs into Kamehameha Go!

The Pokemon Go! craze has hit the 5B FISH!  Hard!  The students and I decided to “dive in” the latest worldwide craze of Pokemon Go!  and invite it into our classroom, but with a twist, of course!  Students shared their … Continue reading

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Makawalu: Three Worlds Meet


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Read, Write, Persuade…Share a Book With a Teammate!

Follow the directions carefully and submit your book recommendation on our “Reading in Paradise” wall.  Don’t forget your first name and 5B only…Can’t wait for you to persuade us to pick up your book!  Be creative! http:// Created with Padlet … Continue reading

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Growth Mindset #2: Ho’omau

Happy Monday ka’u i’a! Use our class discussion and the infopic above to help you answer the question of the day.  Share your thoughts by writing a paragraph. Please think about connections to the questions that you ask yourself.  Revise … Continue reading

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#TheGreatListen-Hawaiian Style

**Updated 11/12/15:  Click on comment button below to see student mana’o! As you might already know, students were asked to record a conversation on the topic “Is Education Important?”  Students worked hard to create follow up questions and practice their … Continue reading

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Monday Word of the Day…Antipode

Here’s a new word for Monday, ka’u i’a!  ANTIPODE… Take a “CLOSE” look at the infographic above, really observe!…What do you notice?  Ask yourself some question as inquiry is the first step in understanding 🙂  “Na maka hohonu”…use your deepest … Continue reading

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Wonderopolis…Can the World be a Classroom?

Ever heard the saying the world is our classroom?  Click on the link to find out!  To complete this assignment you need to do two things: 1) Post a comment to our blog and share the definition of metaphor … Continue reading

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Student Mana’o on Visit from Dr. Reshan Richards…Explain Everything App Co-Creator

    Created with Padlet  

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Got Book? Need Book? Read Book!

If you’re fantically scouring the class library shelves in search of a great book and need assistance, you are in luck!  Play the video that Ciana made to share this wonderful read!  If it peaks your interest, have a quick … Continue reading

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The Final Genius Hour: Genius Hour for Genius Hour! Let Your GENIUS Out!

THIS IS A GUEST POST WRITTEN BY KARISSA AND KAIOLOHIA, Students in 5B! Recently, the class broke up into groups and created Genius Hours about Genius Hour. In these projects we explained what Genius Hour was and why other classes … Continue reading

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