Our Quest Continues…The 5B FISH! Ho’okipa Mayor Harry Kim

Mayor Kim joins 5B to share his kuleana

The 5B FISH! were again taking the “dive” to deepen our understanding of our essential inquiry question: “What Is Our Kuleana?”  Recapping a previous post, it began as a class inquiry project into the scary false missile alert.  We had questions, like many in the islands: Why did it happen?  What do we do when alert happens? Our questions quickly evolved (after doing some research) & Kyler shared w/me his questions: “How did Mayor Kim get the “false alarm” notice out so fast?  He wondered aloud, “What systems does he have in place to do that? No other island responded as rapidly as the Big Island to let people know it was “all clear!”  Kyler looked at me & said, “I have questions for Mayor Kim.”  Being proactive, “I’m sending you his email address, would you please invite him.” Thinkers, learner, & seekers of knowledge-‘imi ‘ike came to my mind.  Those ?s started this post…

Everyone was so excited to welcome our Mayor, Harry Kim into our classroom to learn from him as he shared his mana’o on his kuleana for the people of Moku o Keawe.

He began by saying,” You are Special!” I want you to know that.  He shared all about his early life growing up in Ola’a w/no electricity, sharing a bedroom w/8 people, & loving the outdoors and finding peace in nature.  His favorite past time climbing coconut trees and listening and learning from his Father and his Tutuman…how he idolized them for their “work hard” work ethic, gentleness, kindness, and grace.  He grew up in the times when there were many wars…people fighting for power, because of political, cultural, religious differences, & personal gain.  He believes that we, ke keiki ʻo ka ‘āina ʻo Hawaiʻi nei,  are now the people of the world by setting the example… being of many cultures, religions, having differences, but finding the true aloha within to move forward to better all.

This began our class inquiry project

The inquiry project questions began to flow from students…Mayor Kim continued by answering how the county’s Civil Defense could get the false alarm out to the people because of TEAMWORK! He said within 4 mins. of getting the message, he grabbed his shirt & shoes and was in his office.  He said to our surprise, he wasn’t the 1st one there!  2 other members of the team beat him and a bunch more ran in right after him!  They give their best effort at all times!  (Sound familiar keiki? :). Everyone knows their kuleana, they care…to keep the people of the Big Island safe!  Gov. Ige has asked Mayor Kim to meet w/his team to share mana’o to keep the state safe too.  He said he’ll share our ?s w/the Governor!  I mana leo haumåna….Let your voices be heard…it counts! Yes, 5th graders can make a difference!

Peace in the world!

So much to ask, the ?s continued on the the topic of Mauna Kea and TMT, which is our argument writing performance assessment topic…the Mayor started with:  *We must admit the wrongdoings of the past *Respect everyone’s point of view now  *Collaborate for the future  *Really listen to each other with aloha & want to see both sides to want to find a solution.  He wants to help by bringing people together & having everyone to be inclusive and not exclusive in their thinking….be aloha.  Mayor Kim shared his vision of sharing our culture with the world by continuing to look for a solution from multiple perspectives.  This connects to us as we learn about Makawalu (literal meaning- looking w/8 eyes)…looking at the world through multiple perspectives.  He closed this topic with “Just because I’m the Mayor, it doesn’t mean I’m right…it’s my thoughts to a solution.”

Hanauna Hou…for Future Generations

Next up, our essential year long inquiry question…“What is your kuleana?” as our Mayor, we asked.  Answer: To make it better for hanauna hou..the future generation! He said he must be open and honest.  He takes on the kuleana of admitting the wrongs of decisions made in our past (the fault of times) & the kuleana to make it right in these times.  He shared examples using the Queen K highway & the Breakwall. How ancestral iwi was not treated w/respect and how it is very different now…because people have a better understanding. The breakwall was built to keep people save from Tsunamis in the time, but also negatively impacted our bay.  His dream…to use information we know now to rectify it to help our bay to thrive again.  He emphasized listening!


Mayor Kim’s dream for Hilo Bay

In his closing mana’o, he called haumåna to ACTION…(more connections to our class discussions of knowing is NOT enough, we must put our ‘ike into action).  He said, “the world needs YOU!”  *Share how you embrace others & our differences. *Share your aloha & allow others in the world to feel your warmth, your kindness, your goodness, and your purity *Share how you all live, be an example!  *Hang on to your dreams!  Mayor Kim ended where he began…You are SPECIAL! I want you to know how Special you are!

Mayor Kim, Mahalo for visiting our class, for sharing your mana’o so honestly and freely, & most importantly, for sharing your heart, your aloha with all of us…FOR ALL OF US!  An hour packed with smiles, hugs, & honesty.  A time of learning, a time pure aloha! Imua Mayor Kim, Imua Kamehameha, Imua Moku o Keawe!

“Dive” Back into our FISH!bowl to see what the 5B FISH! are doing…up next, we’ll be learning from our very own Headmaster, Mrs. Naeole-Wong will be joining us soon to share her perspective on our essential question: What is Your Kuleana-In Education! 🙂

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