Ending the Week with Excitement! So Many BUSTED!

Itʻs Aloha Friday! The FISH! Were off and Swimming Strong….What a way to end the week!  The day began with Kyler being BUSTED!  A couple of weeks ago, the FISH! were doing an inquiry project on the false missile alert.  During the research phase, Kyler shared w/me that he had a few questions that heʻd like to ask Mayor Kim.  He found that Mayor Kim was one of the first people in our state to let the residents of Moku o Keawe know that there was no threat!  He wanted to know how he did that?  What system did he have in place to move so fast? Could he share that info w/the State people?  My question to Kyler, “How would we be able to ask him?”  Kyler again took to his ipad (proof that ipads are used for good and not evil by students)…he found the Mayorʻs email, sent it to me and asked me to invite him to answer the many questions.

Kylerʻs drive to know more brings Mayor Kim to class soon!

Long story short, we did, Mayor Kim will be our honored guest on Tues., Feb. 27th!  We also got a call from his office that the Mayor wanted to send along a letter to the 5B FISH!  Atta way to work hard and go to the source Kyler!  Nāna i ke kumu!  Kyler, you are BUSTED #8! We may have a future Investigative Reporter in our midst!

Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai! Give love and it returns!

Landyr began morning meeting with a share out…he shared, “we have a voice, even if we are kids!”  He pulled out a map of Texas and a card filled with much appreciation from his Grand Aunt who lives there.  He said that she shared the teamʻs video mele w/many of her friends in Texas and they were touched by the thoughtfulness!  In return, she sent a card  that was signed by many to show their appreciation & a map of the great state of Texas for us to learn even more! Wow, aloha came full circle!  Taylor added manaʻo, “Kids CAN do good too!” Kaiwiula synthesized our class book “Wonder” by RJ Palacio by adding his connection of the main character.  He said, “good deeds can change the way people think and the way people feel!”  He even shared a great example with evidence from the book!  Emma closed out that convo simply by saying, “Good Karma!”  Yes, kaʻu iʻa…I Mana Leo!  Let your voices be heard!  It matters!  Landyr, you are BUSTED! Busted #9 for offering evidence that our team CAN make a difference in our one world!

Creativity w/tech promotes teamwork and FUN!…and THINKING!

Mia took charge of morning meeting next…she shared that she replicated  a guessing game, “Who Am I?” that she saw on YouTube!  (Again, using tech for good!) She took pictures of teammates, really zoomed in on them & everyone had to guess who that was!  We saw necks, foreheads, smiles, even arms!  We really needed to know our team in order to figure it out!  The good news, we guessed correctly!  Evidence that we are truly “present” with each other!  Mia said, “This game is good for the team, we like games and itʻs a great way to start our day!  Having fun!”  See the team thinking hard, firing up those brain cells for the day!  Mia, you are BUSTED #10 for using your free time at home to uplift the TEAM & promoting TEAMWORK!  All this by 8:30am!

Growth Mindset in ACTION! Even when its tough!

We ended our day with courage!  Last BUST of the day…Caylee you are BUSTED #11 for being courageous!  Fierce like a lion during math!  The team was learning a new money strategy in math that helps us to convert fractions to decimals…not easy by any means!  Caylee kept a growth mindset and continued to hoʻomau!  She did not give up & fought frustration like a beast! We learn, we try, we struggle, we ask questions, sometime we get frustrated,  & we keep trying again & again until we understand it!  Busted…for being a great example of that “stick with it” growth mindset!


Yes, haumāna…I warned you…this was gonna be a long post!  :)LOL! So much to share w/ohana about our team and the daily happenings in our FISH!bowl!  To our Fab 5B Ohana, hope you enjoyed “diving in” & “swimming along” w/us to see the TEAM…while they “swim strong” TOGETHER!  Mahalo for always supporting our team efforts!  Have a wonderful Hoʻolauleʻa weekend!  Aunty Pua and Aunty Trisha, mahalo nui loa for leading Papa ʻElimaʻs PTO charge!  Sending a special Mahalo to all who help to support nā pua a Pauahi to help each and everyone of us thrive!  A banner day! Imua 5B FISH!…Imua Kamehameha!

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