Ohana Alert for the Weeks of Feb. 12-16 and 19-23

Mahalo to Caylee and Ohana for these beautiful plants!

Aloha mai kākou!   Hereʻs the information for the upcoming weeks!  The 5 semi-finalist vote is in, hoʻomaikaʻi to the following haumāna who have made it to the semi-finals: The Fab 5 who will represent 5B will be CAYLEE, KERILYN, LEIGH ANN, KUHAʻO, and MIA!  These students wowʻd their classmates with their argument presentations with “hook you in” leads, great points supported by experts, shared counterpoints/rebuttals, and conclusions that brought you back to their main argument!  Great job!  Now, Practice, practice, practice to be ready for the judges!

Mon., Feb. 12-Rotation 1-Day 1: Lamakū Semi-Finals today!  The Fab 5 will be representing 5B and vying for the ONE spot in the finals!  Flyers going home today for Red, White, & Pink day, be on the lookout for it!

Wed., Feb. 14:  Red, White, & Pink Day!  Wear the colors of love & show your spirit!  If not participating, dress whites is a must as it is ekalesia today also.  Lamakū Finals today @ Lunalilo Hale @8:00am! Students decided to have a Valentineʻs Day Celebration today!  We humbly ask Ohana support for potluck donations.  Huakaʻi flyers going home today.

Thurs., Feb. 15-Day 3: 2nd Trimester officially ends…

Fri., Feb. 16:  FACULTY WORK DAY!  NO SCHOOL! #EnjoyExtendedWeekend!


Tues., Feb. 20: IN-SERVICE TRAINING!  NO SCHOOL!  See everyone back in class on Wed., Feb. 21st!

Wed., Feb. 21:  Huakaʻi today!  Please arrive at school on time!  Students will be going to ʻĀina University with Uncle Kawika and then heading to the lokoiʻa as they learn and prepare for Makawalu: Ka wai Ola, Ke Kai Ola…The waters of Life!  From the mountain to the sea!

Thurs., Feb. 22-Rotation 1-Day 4: Special guest Author James Rumford will be presenting & sharing manaʻo on his books at CRBLC!

Fri., Feb. 23-Day 5:  Aloha Wear Day!  Wear those beautiful colors to school to show your aloha spirit!

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