Genre Gold Latest Members…

The 5B FISH! Welcomed more members into the Genre Gold Club today at the deadline!  Congrats to Dylan, Mya, & Justice!  Ayvah joined the club at 2:30pm too!  The final data is in…20 out of 24 students met their genre goals for trimester #2, thatʻs 83% of the class!   One student…so close with 8 genres done!  The students have been working as a team to make recommendations on great books, keeping track of the days together, and cheering each other on to hit reading targets together!  We look forward to having everyone meet the 9 genre target in trimester #3, as well as completing 28 books each by the end of the school year!  A bunch of students have already read one million words and working for two million now! #OTOD!

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