Got FISH!Mates? Yes, We Do!

Different, but Same! One Team!

Aloha Ohana 5B!

Mahalo for “diving in!”  As we continue to work on being One Team, With One Dream in class and have many conversations on making great choices for self as well as for the TEAM…thought youʻd like to be a part of discussion!  Be in the know!

The FISH! have a new FISH!mate!  What is a FISH!mate?  Well, many have been with each other from the ripe ʻol age of 5…6 years is a long time!  The FISH! know a lot about each other, about ohana, but do they really?

The FISH!mates are pairs that donʻt really “hang out,” no slumber parties, or playing at recess, but someone who theyʻd like to know at a deeper level.  Each student was allowed to share a recommendation with me of who they wanted to be paired with.  Each student was paired up and spend recesses together…they collaborate and negotiate where & what they play at recess, they take turns being the leader as well as the listener, and eat together and talk stories!  A great way to take friendship to a deeper level!  The FISH! are quickly learning that they didnʻt know everything about each other…that being open to new ideas, walking in someone elseʻs shoes, having discussions to solve disagreements in a pono fashion, and really understanding others perspectives builds TEAM!  We donʻt lift some…We lift ALL!  Go Team Go!  Everything is better with a friend!  In our case, with a FISH!mate by your side!

Ask your keiki all about it!  Haumāna and Ohana, please feel free to share your experiences and manaʻo on our Project FISH!mates by leaving a comment!  Click comments below to share!  The quote below comes from Mya…another way that students are using ipads for good! I get tons of emails nightly from students who are using ipad to seek out ways of making connections to what we discuss in class! Myaʻs connection below!  Whoo hoo!  Not just game playing or youtubing!

Mahalo Mya for the inspiration!

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