Busted #4: Leadership in Action! Mia Takes Charge!

As the holidays are now upon us and so much going on, please remember WE ARE BLESSED!  We begin the planning, preparing, & cooking of great food for holiday memories to be made, shopping madness in search of the “perfect” gift, and yes, finding the balance of all the kuleana that comes with the season!  In our case, the balance between school, extra-curricular activities, and enjoying the numerous celebration that make this time of year magical!

In the midst of this Thanksgiving holiday, I recʻd an email from Mia.  I opened it from my phone, in between leaving a store and going to the next…it caused me to stop, reflect, & it made my day! I excitedly shared my email with my ohana, who cheered w/responses like “Atta Girl Mia!, Yep, Mom…the team is Swimming now!, and Nice-5th graders can make a difference!”   Mia took on the leadership role and used her ipad for good!!

At first glance, it was to wish her FISH!mates a great Thanksgiving.  At second glance, it was so much more!  Hence the BUSTED #4 post here that celebrates the leadership in our FISH!bowl!  Mia goes on to share her manaʻo on how we are truly blessed with all that we have and takes it a step further by reminding us all that we can find balance for our kuleana.  She encourages everyone to think of “out of this world” ideas on how we can make a difference and share our blessings by paying it forward!  Putting our kuleana into ACTION!  Thought youʻd like to see the email that Mia sent to all her FISH!mates…including me, the oldest FISH! In the bowl!

So proud of Mia…as leadership is shared in our team!  This is putting our FISH! Philosophy into ACTION!  Go team Go!  Canʻt wait for the creative, out of the box ideas that you come up with that will truly Change our World, One Heart at a Time!

As for me, smiling ear to ear, as my weekend is filled with gratitude for having a wonderful team to swim with, enjoy the rest of the holiday…Go out an leave your mark!  Go Make Someoneʻs Day! #OTOD

….Back to shopping! :).

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