5B MathemaFISH!ans Voices Count

In our class, every voice counts!  We share our manaʻo with one another to continously seek new ideas, to honor our differences and similarities, and to understand the perspectives of others (Makawalu). Each voice on our 5B team is important!  We practice sharing our new learning in a scholarly way.  We practice taking a stance and supporting it with proof/evidence.  Here, the students address the topic of characteristics of a 5B MathemaFISH!an!  What does a 5BFISH! need to have and work towards during our math time.  We learn on our own and we learn together! One team, One Dream!  No one suffers in silence!  Hear our VOICES!

http://Thomas Edison possess characteristics of a great MathemaFISH!an 😀  Ever wonder why?  Growth mindset?  Use your ipad to figure it out!  Click on this link to see how this great inventor is connected to us in Hawaiʻi and King Kalakaua!  Our Aliʻi were visionaries and ʻimi ʻike!  http://bit.ly/2lSNmXW

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