5B MathemaFISH!ans are Diving Deeper into Fractions!

We team for everything…everything is always better with a friend!  Even in MATH!  The MathemaFISH!ans (we even came up with our new “catchy”name for ourselves while doing math!) are learning about fractions and decimals and percentage too! We worked on comparing and ordering fractions, what is an improper fraction, and a mixed number today.

Our math time begins with a whole class discussion, then the deep learning begins…we work together in teams to come up with strategies to solve!  We use illustrations, manipulatives, and our ipads to help us to accomplish our mission. Of course, each other!  We discuss, we ask clarifying questions, we try out ideas, we test it out, and repeat!

Then….comes the “Catch and Release” Time!  Where haumāna get to share strategies that they used in order to solve!  Catch & Release (LOL, another “catchy” pun) is an exciting time as teams put their learning into action…by sharing it with others!  Our manaʻo nui in math…thereʻs always more ways to solve than one!  We close out our math time by reviewing & documenting the different strategies used, talking about definitions, and tie in new learning to answer questions. Brings us back to a favorite olelo noeʻau…”E hana pūalu kākou!”  Together, We Can! Check out the MathemaFISH!ans swimming strong by clicking on our video!


5B MathemaFISH!ans in Deep with Fractions from 5BFish on Vimeo.

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