Student and Ohana Alert for the Week of Oct. 9-13…Fall Break!

Whoo Hoo! Vacay is here!

Aloha e nā Haumāna a me nā Ohana 5B!

Hope that the fun has begun!!  It is Fall break and NO SCHOOL until Tues., Oct. 16. Wanted to share a quick reminder that all 9 reading genres are due on Fri., Oct. 20.  As we discussed in class, these are the class agreements for each to count:  1) Read chapter book of 120+pages 2) Collect the beautiful language vocabulary and define it (many of you took extra sheets home for the break:) 3)translate 2 of those words into olelo Hawaiʻi 4) present your great book!  As we talk about knowing is not enough, we must put into action and SHARE!  Heads up…book orders are online, go to and you can place an order at your convenience! 🙂  

The presentations have no requirements this trimester, feel free to share some of these or be as creative as youʻd like:  what you feel is important, compare the book to another, connect is to a Hawaiian value or olelo noeʻau, share what you would have changed in the book, evaluate the authorʻs word choice, the manaʻo nui of the book, etc…and most importantly…SHARE the WHY! :). Make sure you “hook” us into your book as your mission is to make us want to read it too!  You should have a brief summary (NOT a BBB-bed to bed boring, blow by blow one where to tell us the whole story) and share a beautiful vocab meaning in all your presentations…then let your creativity free! Should be at least 1 min. 30 sec. minimum and no longer than 5 mins.  After you have presented your 7th genre chapter book, the 8th and 9th – no presentation or vocab. needed!!

Please turn in book vocabulary early as it is first come first serve to present! :). Donʻt let time run out on you!  Ask keiki about the presentation order on the last day :0. Swim Strong kaʻu iʻa!  Enjoy your break and go out and make priceless memories with ohana! 🙂  Feel free to share your photos of the fun things you are doing with me!  Send me an email!  See ya all soon!

I look forward to your creativity!!

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