5B Goes on a Fraction Field Trip

The FISH! Were Swimming Strong today with a growth mindset as they went on a Fraction field trip!  What a huakaʻi it was!  We began our journey to learn more about fractions by “diving” right in!  Dr. Werner was our special guest as students needed to solve a real world problem.

Haumāna had to solve the problem above…Was it fair?  Did everyone get the same amount to eat?  Itʻs all about teamwork as the FISH! Worked in pairs to answer the questions.  They used what they already knew to push themselves to a deeper level…right out of the bowl!   They pondered, they tried, they collaborated, asked clarifying questions to gain a better understanding, and they tried again! Choosing the “go get, no scared um” attitude sure was a plus!  Click on the video to learn with us as we worked to come up with the best strategies to solve!  Weʻll be taking on the leadership roles tomorrow as we share our discoveries as a TEAM!  Having fun while learning…its was a WIN-WIN kind of day!

5B Thinking Outside the Bowl with 5B! from 5BFish on Vimeo.

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