A Day of Remembrance…A Call for Reflection

photo from www.ibtimes.com

photo from www.ibtimes.com

Aloha e nå ka’u i’a!

Today is Sept. 11, a day for remembrance in our nation, our world…words eluded me as I tried to write this, until I came across this cnn.com post “The 9/11 Children: What Can They Teach Us?”

THIS IS A CLASS ASSIGNMENT FOR MON., SEPT. 12…DO NOT COMPLETE UNTIL WE HAVE A DISCUSSION TOGETHER! (Feel free to click on the link and begin viewing if you are checking the blog sooner)

Click on the link below to view and hear the voices of the children most affected by this terrible assault on our country, as well as the world.  “Dive deep” and really ponder their words and hear their voices, what do you take away from it?  What are the children of 9/11 trying to teach you?  What can you learn from them?  How does it connect to what we learn in class?  What can you do?  Share your thoughts, connections, new learning, and conclude your revised, thoughtful paragraph by answering the question…now what? How can this new learning impact our class, school, community, and world?  What is our kuleana?

“Let the voices of children be heard, every voice counts!”


Sept. 12…Update:  Click on the comments bar below to see studentsʻ comment.  

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