What is Volume?

What is it?  What is volume?  The students have been learning about volume in class during math time.  As they explored, they came up with an impressive cultural connection.  They connected the formula for volume v=l x w x h to hula.  To remember formula, they use lele uwehe to demonstrate!  How cool is that!  What a team, where we can all learn from each other!  Students making connections from our class to Hawaiian Culture class with Kumu Silva!

Click on the comment button of the post to check out the  2 wonders and an Aha moment from students 🙂 The students took it one step further, they commented on the comments!  They began collaborating with each other to share their ‘ike and clarify wonders.  Learning from each other at its best!  Students offering commentary to kokūa each other!  They even identified the type of mathematical errors they were making to offer assistance!

Click on the video above to see our explorations into measurement and finding volume using centimeter cubes. Below, the students created infopics to share their new learning of volume!


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