Ohana Alert for the Week of Feb. 1-5

Just a little humor as we begin the "swim!"

Just a little humor as we begin the “swim!”

OMG…can you believe it!?!  It’s already February!  Like I shared with the students, the 2nd half of 5th grade really gets rolling!  The students  and I are “pumped up” for the full calendars filled with much learning, laughter, and teamwork!  Continue to collect facts on your self-selected Makawalu topic every chance! 🙂  We discussed being “one tree in the forest” and thrive techniques!  Ask your keiki all about their welcome to Pepeluali makana 🙂

Here’s the week at a glance for you…

Mon., Feb. 1-Day 6:  Bring your notes to class from Makawalu project and speeches ready to present.  Students are allowed to use one index card w/important points to help while presenting if needed.  Card should NOT have entire speech on it.

Tues., Feb. 2-Day 1:  Speech preliminaries for 5B!  Adjusted my schedule to gi8ve students an extra day since all of absences from class.  We select the top 5 students to represent our team tomorrow!

Wed., Feb. 3-Day 2: Speech Festival Semi-Finals.  The top 5 from our class will vie for top 2 to move on to the finals…tune in again to see who will represent the 5B FISH!

Thurs., Feb. 4-Day 3:  Pheww…we keep swimming!

Fri., Feb. 5-Day 4:  Speech Festival at Lunalilo Hale @ 8:00am.  We invite our finalist ohana 🙂  LAST DAY for book presentations to meet reading goals for the trimester!  Don’t forget the vocab! 🙂

Just a gentle reminder that students should be adhering to the dress code!  Refer to page 23 & 24 for a refresher.  Hair accessories should match color allowed in handbook.  Pg. 25 also refers to appropriate hair. Mahalo as we team to help keiki thrive….

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