Attention 5B Ohana

Aloha e nā 5B Ohana,

Trimester #3 is already upon us and we are working hard to finish out this school year.  Would like to keep you in the loop as we continue to partner to help all keiki thrive.  All blog post that ask for a comment or submittal is graded!  Please feel free to look through blog posts to read your keikiʻs posts.  Thoughtful comments that are revised and edited are required as they follow the directions for each.   Mahalo for your continued partnership as we “swim strong” to the end of the year.

As a heads up, students should have the following:  over 200 facts on their one hānau (time for research and fact collection was given for in and out of class assignment for the past month), a legend that they have read a number of times from their one hānau (numerous hrs given to research & select legend that relates to one hānau), a revised and edited feature article using the notes from their one hānau (which was due on Thurs., Feb. 19) , have one hānau worksheet completed (given out at the end of Jan), & have all of this in class daily.

The students will be finalizing feature article, creating feature article poster, creating a tech presentation, creating a poem, creating an interactive project designed for both lower el & upper el students, & other assignments using the notes on their one hānau.  This hard work will be part of our annual 5th grade Makawalu Hilo capstone presentation (more info will follow soon).  Feel free to ask your keiki all about their one hānau & be amazed at their extensive manaʻo on it!

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