Student Bullying

Study this infographic on Bullying closely.  Here are some things to focus in on as you look it over:  What is the definition of bullying, does it have an effect on others, is this a major problem, why or why not?  What is an infographic?  What does it share?  Is research necessary to create an infographic?  How would I create an infographic using my ipad?  How do I showcase important facts?  What makes this infographic aesthetically pleasing?
In the upcoming days in class, we will be “diving into” argument reading & writing standards on the topic of bullying.  5.R.1 anchor- Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly & make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing to support conclusions drawn from text.  5.W.1 anchor –  Write an argument to support in an analysis of topic using valid reasoning & relevant & sufficient evidence.
Students (Work to be done IN CLASS – DO NOT post a comment until we have class discussion):
Write a one paragraph summary of this infographic using key details to support it & post it here.
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