Pops of Genius! Bursts of Creativity!

What Is Genius Hour?

imageThe 5B FISH! are diving in to uncharted waters…to become the Innovators of the future!  Celebrate creativity!  Thatʻs what we do in class.  Everyone has moments of genius!  The students will soon be embarking on focusing on those “pops” of genius with “Genius Hour ➗ 2!”  This is a time when students are encouraged to learn about THEIR passion.  Learn about something that they want to learn more about, a problem they want to address or simply gain more manaʻo about their LOVE!

Genius hour requirements:(adopted from GeniusHour.com):

1) Students MUST begin with an Inquiry Question.  If the question can be answered with a quick google search, it is too narrow and need to be adjusted.

2) The project MUST involve research.  Resources used for project must be documented and shared out.

3)  The “Pop of Genius” project MUST be shared/presented.  To the class and the world!

imageimage image


Some students find it difficult to work with new style of ipad cases…they used their creativity to solve this small, but relevant issue!

Stay tuned as students work on their first “Pop of Genius” project this week!  Ask your keiki all about their inquiry question to learn what they are passionate about!  Here is a sampling of inquiry questions the students have come up with and will be working in the upcoming weeks:  How do I begin coding to make a video game?  How helpful would holographic images be to communicate?  How can football be a safer sport?  How do we help the homeless population?  What makes a shoe comfortable?  Will tugboats be part of our future?  What makes “pop” in a baseball bat?  How do Computer Engineers impact our world?  Dive back into our FISH!bowl as the students share their GENIUS with the world!


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