Last FISH! Food for Thought: Ho’oulu Transition Ceremony

HO’OMAIKA’I ka’u I’a!  Swim Strong!

Swim Strong  ka'u I'a!

Swim Strong ka’u I’a!

A Message to Take to Heart:

To Kaʻu Iʻa…my FISH!,

As your elementary years come to a close and a new journey awaits you, Iʻd like to end with some advise… Always keep in mind your kuleana as na pua a Pauahi …Remember, Pīhole ʻoe, Pīholo kākou…ones actions, good or bad affects the whole ohana. Honor and respect where you come from and those who have come before you. We…your school and home ohana have nurtured you as you grew and will always be there for you, be brave, be strong, be pono…journey on as one team, one heart, and make a difference in our one world! Remember, If you have the choice of being right or being kind, choose kind! Swim strong… Imua Kaʻu Iʻa…Imua Kamehameha. 

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