No Challenge Too Great If Done TOGETHER!

Way back in August, the 5B FISH! swam into class and dove right into a huge challenge…to read ONE MILLION WORDS this school year! First, you could hear a pin drop as jaws dropped open then, the stress vibes were so thick you could cut it with a knife! The disbelief followed and the then the rumbling started! Not that kind of rumbling…The rumblings of a TEAM ‘CHOOSING THEIR ATTITUDE’ and revving up for the challenge!
Throughout this year, I have seen many FISH! sharing their books from home, recommending genres to one another from the class library, willingly having conversations about books that they liked and even sharing reasons why someone else would like a book! The students swam strong together…created many fancy smancy book recommendations for each other using plain QR codes at first, using ipads to make cool app-smashed QR codes, videos, and auras! Although not everyone attained the goal, a valiant effort was made by all! Great job ka’u I’a! No challenge is too great when you have a team behind you! “E hana püala kåkou…Together, We Can!” Collectively, students read 754 books this year which equals to 26.9 MILLION WORDS READ BY THE 5B FISH!

Check out the new updated feature on Piccollage!  Adding videos!

Check out the new updated feature on Piccollage! Adding videos!

**NOTE: Seems that video is not working, will tweet piccollage to find out why! Check back soon, hope to get video working!

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