FISH! Food for Thought #6: Is there such a thing as Too Much Tech?

In class, weʻve discussed and learned that there always is more than one point of view in everything!  The book “Wonder” sure proved that point, just when we thought we understood the story and began to connect to each character, another perspective was introduced to revise our thinking.  After the 2nd character point of view was introduced, we realized that at times people make decisions and judgements using their schema (prior knowledge), but that can be revised too with more information.  We began to look at the characters from different perspectives.   (Like we say in class, we walked in their shoes). There are many ways to look at things.  In cultural terms, it is called makawalu…the literal translation is to have 8 eyes, but the deeper meaning is to look at things from multiple perspectives.

Technology grows by leaps and bounds daily.  So much techie tools out there to make life easier…smart phone, smart tvs, iPads, laptops, apps, social media, and the list goes on… Does it?  Can it be too much?  Too little? Share 2 different points of view on this topic.  Have a debate!  While you formulate your comment, also think of the time you use techie tools, do you take away from something else?  What did you do before iPads could go home?  Do you put off homework to explore?  Are you thoughts different from your ohana?  Hereʻs a short commercial video to help.  Focus on the message and not the ad to shop! 🙂 

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