FISH! Food for Thought # 4: Why Not You?

Wow!  This years’ Super Bowl was a blow out!  The baseball slang that comes to mind…CRACKS!  I loved the half time show with Bruno Mars, who by the way, is an island boy from O’ahu.  He sure “rocked” the large stage!  He now has 3 sold out concerts on O’ahu in April, it sold out in minutes!  I wonder what he thought when he was a 5th grader?  Did he imagine that one day he’d be on the stage at a super bowl?  Not just any super bowl, the most watched in history?

I found the interview with the quarterback, 25 year old Russell Wilson, of the Seattle Seahawks to be very inspiring!  The reporter asked him if he ever thought he’d be a super bowl champion, he shared a story about how his father always told him, “Why Not You?”  Ponder this statement for a bit….’WHY NOT YOU?”

What are your hopes and dreams?  Share YOUR “Why Not You” here and what you can do now to make it happen!

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