Got Feedback?

Aloha e nå 5B ohana,

As mid-school year is upon us, I try to reflect on the first half  as I plan for the next half.  As we have all worked tirelessly together to build pilina with our keiki as well as each other, I humbly ask for your feedback, comments, & suggestions on our 5B Class blog.  Do you find it helpful, useful, informative?  Is there something you’d like to see that isn’t happening, that I could add to make the visit more fulfilling?  Is there something that you like and wish to see continued?  Do you “dive” in sporadicly, monthly, weekly, daily? Please feel free to share your thoughts as I value any you offer to make our class blog a direct link to our class and Kula.  Mahalo in advance for your mana’o!

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