Fine! Boring! IDK!

Have you ever asked your keiki, “How was your day?” and got the answer…”Fine, “Boring,” “IDK.” (That’s 21st century text talk for “I don’t know” for those of you over the age of 30 🙂 Well, as parents, me included-with 2 teenagers at home, may have to change our tactics & rephrase our questions to find out about all the learning that takes place in class on a daily basis. Truly dive into our “fishbowl” by trying some of these questions instead. “Share with me what you learned today,” “Tell me an interesting fact your learned today,” or maybe “Name one thing that was an “aha” moment!” We could even try, “What’s happening in your book that you’re currently reading?” (After the 30 minutes of assigned reading and BEFORE you sign the nightly reading log) or “Tell me about your biggest challenge.”
There is so much happening in class, so many things to celebrate and support. Here’s some conversation starters from our class that may be helpful to you (as we parents stick together to guide our keiki on their journey to becoming good and industrious men and women)…”What is a “flipped” class,” “Tell me how you improved in feature article writing,” “Share how you solve + and – decimals & how is it different from how you solve x decimals.” You might want to ask to see their “moves” that they are learning in music, “Which genre is your favorite and why?”, “Tell me about Hilo,”  or “How Miss Shonnie’s Christian Education lesson connects to our reading and writing on Mt. Rushmore & what’s happening there.” Pheww…so much to “talk story” about!
Happy bonding to all of you! Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you’d like to know more about our “fishbowl”…I welcome ALL divers!
Swim Strong, together, let’s strive to help “our” children to thrive! Visit our blog to “catch” the latest “scoops!” Hahaha! I know, “too puny!” To 5B haumåna…Go “Make Your Parents’Day” by sharing without being asked! 🙂 Bet hugs will be free-flowing!

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