KS-Hawaiʻi Honors Charles Reed Bishop

Mr. Charles Reed Bishop

The students, faculty, & staff at Kamehameha Schools-Hawaiʻi campus in Keaʻau today honored the husband of our beloved Ke Aliʻi Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Mr. Charles Reed Bishop at Koaʻia Gym. Mr. Bishop was instrumental is implementing Ke Aliʻi Pauahiʻs wishes. He set in motion the process that resulted in the establishment of Kamehameha Schools in 1887. He used his own personal funds for construction of many buildings on our Kapālama campus and built the Bishop Museum, all to honor the memory of his beloved wife, as reported by the Charles Reed Bishop Trust.
Here is an excerpt of a speech that he made at the very first Founderʻs Day celebration on December 19, 1888: “And so, in order that her own people might have the opportunity for fitting themselves for such competition (the influx of foreigners to Hawaiʻi) …these schools were provided for, in which Hawaiians have the preference, and which she hoped they would value and take the advantages of as fully as possible.” He hoped that all who attended Kamehameha Schools honor the memory of Ke Aliʻi Pauahi by their good conduct, not only while in school, but in their mature lives as well. We mahalo Charles Reed Bishop today, on his 125th birthday…Imua Kamehameha!

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