FISH! Food for Thought #6-“Attitude is Everything!”

The Attitude is Everything Movie.

Aloha e nā Keiki,

Is “it” your choice? Can “it” rub off on someone else? Can “it” be caught? Bet youʻre wondering what “IT” is by now, right? If youʻre thinking Kūana-ATTITUDE, youʻre so correct! Is YOUR attitude your choice? Can YOUR attitude rub off on someone else? Can YOUR attitude be caught? The answer: YES! Attitude is contagious! Is your worth catching?

As a FISH! Philosopher, you know that choosing your attitude is so important. As trimester #2 quickly draws to a close, ponder this ʻOlelo noeʻau…”Ma ka hana ka ʻike”- In the Journey of the task, is the knowledge.” Share your thoughts on what this means to you as you begin to close out this trimester of learning. Write a brief 1-2 paragraph comment on the video (click the link above) and ʻOlelo noeʻau. Think about the topic, plan out your ideas, draft your thoughts, & revise your writing BEFORE you hit the reply button. Please edit your paragraphs too! Due date:  Sunday, Jan. 27th, 9:30pm. 🙂  I hopena pūle maikaʻi! Have a wonderful weekend kaʻu Iʻa! P.S. Iʻll be posting all your comments Sunday night 🙂

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