Hoʻomaikaʻi to 5B FISH! Semi-Finalists!

As you all know, the haumāna have been working very hard the past couple of weeks as they selected a legend connected to our study of Hilo.  They have been tirelessly practicing memorizing their lengthy legends, working on their delivery, making a conscious effort to control their body actions, and building poise to speak in front of an audience in class and at home.  All of the students did a wonderful job of it and presented over the past two days.  Congratulations to all of the haumāna! 5B will be sending our top 5 point-getters to the 5th grade Semi-Finals which take place on Monday! I wonʻt keep you in suspense any longer, the votes are in, tallied, and double-checked! Here are the results!
Congratulations to the following students (In no particular order) who will be representing our 5B class: Paige, Tabitha, Cailey, Kyra, & Keawe.

**To the High 5: Donʻt forget to work on your introductions…it should “hook” your audience in, expression with the legend (if we close our eyes, your story should come alive in our minds), the conclusion should end smoothly, and your body posture!  Keep it slow enough so the audience can really understand the legend, & double-check to see if youʻve included the connection to Hilo…Hanakahi, One, or Paliku! Keep swimming strong!  Canʻt wait for your presentations!  Go! Go! Go! Swim! Swim! Swim!…Imua!

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