Ohana Alert for Jan. 28-Feb. 1

I Hopēna Pule Maikaʻi!

The month of January will soon be only a distant memory…February will soon be upon us!  Hereʻs the week at a glance, get out those calendars!

Mon., Jan. 28-Day 1:  Our “High 5” will be representing all of the FISH! of 5B in the Semi-Finals of our annual speech festival.

Tues., Jan. 29-Day 2:  Christian Education with Miss Shonnie.

Wed., Jan. 30-Day 3: Speech Festival Finals-Our Top Two will be representing us on the great stage of Lunalilo Hale today at 8:00am!  Swim Strong kaʻu Iʻa!

Thurs., Jan. 31-Day 4:  Birthday celebration at Lunch for our January babies!  Library Day, donʻt forget to bring your books to school to avoid those late fees!

**REMINDER:  Keep on reading those books of various genres!  The final day to do presentations is on Thurs., Feb. 7th!  You are welcome to present as many as you have until the 6th, time permitting.  On Feb. 7th, you will be allowed to present only one book, per person in order to allow everyone a fair opportunity!  Weʻre on the home stretch, swimming to the finish line of Trimester #2!  

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