Hooray!!! Davin is a MILLIONAIRE!

Yippee, Davin! Our Millionaire!

Would you like to be a millionaire? What would you do with a “cool million?” Would it make you rich? A Million words that is! A resounding YES to all the questions!  You surely will be rich, knowledge rich!  Hoʻomaikaʻi Davin! He is our first 5B Millionaire of this school year! When I first mentioned that ALL 5B students are required to READ 1,000,000 words this school year way back in August, Davin said he thought, “I donʻt think I can do that.” He said he “pushed himself” (with some help from Dad) to read in the first trimester and completed 13 books. Well…we are still in the 2nd Trimester and Davin has worked very hard to accomplish his goal of 1,000,000 words…he has completed 29 books to date and working on attaining his new goal of TWO MILLION WORDS! All you need to do to join Davin and become a millionaire…continue to Hoʻomau…to persevere.  Great Job Davin!! (With the “Million” dollar smile…get it?! 🙂

FISH! Food for Thought #7:  

Got Million Word Goal? What do you think you need to do to attain the Million word goal by the end of this school year?  Are you on track to meet that goal?  Are you on track to meet the 9 genre goal for Trimester #2?  Share your manaʻo on the above questions, offer reasons for your thoughts, and tell what you plan to do.  Courageous or a coward?  Quitter or a conquerer?  You “choose” for yourself!  Write one concise, thoughtful paragraph which includes grade appropriate vocabulary and correct spelling…Remember, as we discuss in mana’o o ka lå…really mean what you say to improve!

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