WE ARE A TEAM! Break a Fin! 🙂

Aloha Ka’u I’a,
As we have done all the final preparations for the 5th Grade Play ‘E Onipa’a today and all that is left for us to do now is get a good nights sleep, just wanted to share with all of you…Ka’u I’a how PROUD I AM OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! You Rock! Or should I say…Swim Strong!
You have researched, you have learned, you have memorized, you have worked hard! Be proud of all that you have accomplished! Don’t forget that there are many people who have contributed positively to help you “swim strong!” Begin the appreciation with your ohana, the faculty and staff at Kula Ha’aha’a, Mrs. Naeole-Wong, and especially your teammates who through this whole process have been swimming strong TOGETHER! Mahalo all! OK FISH!, Let the show begin…Break A Fin! (I love your team creativity…Break a Fin! Good one!) See you all tomorrow!
Love, Mrs. Ah Hee (The “proud” FISH!)
P.S. Don’t forget your swim clothes and towel for the Cast Pool Party in the afternoon! Save your cast tshirts for FRIDAY! You get to wear it ALL day!

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