Another FISH! is Golden!…Genre Golden!

Go Ashley! Go!

Congrats to Miss Ashley for completing her 9th genre today.  After completing the 7 chapter book genres of her choice, she of course, choose to read a periodical on ….wait for it….can you guess who????  We all know that answer!  Justin Bieber!

All students have brought home at least 3 updates on the amount of genres read as well as the number of books completed to date to keep ohana informed.  Grades close tomorrow!  Stay tuned to see who else turns gold tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the last day for presentations and all students were reminded & advised throughout the trimester that the last day would not be ideal to present…too much people and not enough time.  (Reading time will be extended, if need be to 35 mins. max.)  The sign up for presentations is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis…all students who have already made the 9 genres are NOT presenting as to offer their teammates the opportunity to accomplish the requirement!

That is kahiau!  That is mālama!  That is pono!  That is pure A-L-O-H-A!   A Hui Hou!

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