The FISH! Swim to “Change Our World, One Heart at a Time!”

One Heart at a Time!

The 5th grade FISH! Philosophers have been swimming hard! As the year began, all 24 adopted the belief of the 4 components of the FISH! Philosophy (Choose your attitude, Play, Be Present, & Make Someone’s Day) to govern our classroom. We have continued to work as a team to make a positive difference at our Kula. As we learned more about FISH! and integrated it into our classroom and our lives, an enthusiastic comment by Kiki was shared, “We Can Change the World, One Heart at a Time!” The students quickly adopted this comment to drive our team. They made the connections that every component ties into our Hawaiian Values too!
The FISH!, along with the Ministry students led by Miss Shonnie and Kahu are now preparing to take their belief Worldwide!
The keiki are writing letters to our Big Island Troops who are now deployed overseas, planning & preparing to send our prayers (which will be videoed by Mrs. Stack) at Ekalesia on Mon., Feb. 13, and hoping to pack goodie bags filled with Hershey Kisses and our ALOHA for Valentine’s Day! We want to Make Their Day by showing kahiau!
We humbly ask our ohana for your køkua by donating a bag of Hershey’s Kisses & your prayers for their safe return home. Your donation would be greatly appreciate by the FISH!, but more importantly will show our Big Island “Warriors” that the “Warriors” ALL care! Come swim with us!
Imua! To Change Our World, One Heart at a Time!”

🙂 ATTENTION KAMEHAMEHA STUDENTS, FACULTY & STAFF, & OHANA:  If you’d like to join the FISH! send aloha by writing a letter to our Big Island Charlie Company troops, please send to our class by Tues., Feb.14th!  We’d love to have you help to Make Their Day too!  Mahalo to Kiki’s Mom Kamaile for this “swimming” idea! 🙂

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