Speech Festival 2012

The annual Kula Ha’aha’a speech festival went by in a flash! It was held on Wednesday, Feb. 1 @ Lunalilo Hale. Congratulations to all of our 24 5B Speech Festival participants. The students had the option of working with a partner or on their own on an original piece. It was a choice of presenting a persuasive speech, an informative speech, or poetry. They created their speeches, continuously revised, and practiced hard! On Monday, Jan. 30th, the pool of 24 participants were narrowed down to the Top 5 of 5B. Each of the 5 teams had one extra day to practice as they prepared to compete for a spot in the finals. Congrats to Eve and Kaori for making it to the finals! Again, congratulations to all for a job well done! Pomai did a wonderful job MC ing the Speech festival program!

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