Technical Difficulties- Extension on Blog Post

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Hi Ka’u I’a,
I was experiencing technical difficulties at my home internet service and therefore could not post prior to this. Here is what I’d like you to respond to….We all know that doing the “pono” thing means to do the correct thing. To be “pono” means to choose correctly in whatever situation you are in. To follow your na’ao.  We discuss in class to bring out the “pono” within.  We have also been discussing the unnecessary talking and disruptions that at times do not allow all of us to use the time we have together to the fullest. What would be the “pono” thing for you in class?  Share your mana’o on what “pono” behavior is to you. As usual, be thoughtful, re-read, & revise your paragraph prior to submitting your comment.  I look forward to reading your responses.


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