Ho’omaika’i Shawncen & Chianti: Hāweo Awardees for Nov.


Ho’omaika’i to Shawncen and Chianti for a job well done!  They have consistently exhibited the Hawaiian Value since the school year has begun!  “Aloha Aku,  Aloha Mai…When you give love, you get love in return!”  Both of these students are always willing to work together with classmates, kōkua when possible, always respectful of others, and always smiling!  Mahalo to the Moms’ for joining us in celebrating Shawncen and Kiki’s accomplishments!

The 5B FISH! Philosophers are proud of you!  I mua!

Shawcen and Kiki-Hāweo Awardees for Nov.

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