FISH! Food For Thought at Thanksgiving

To Ka’u I’a,

Go out and “Change the world!”  Be thankful for all that we have and make a difference in someone else’s life!  I mua with Kahiau!  Here’s a poem that I found that you might find interesting.

You’re such a good influence on me.

You’re like my coach, 
my cheerleader, 
my marching band
 all rolled into one person.

Your confidence in me 
gives me confidence in me.

I can never fail
 with you in my corner.

I go for the goal 
’cause you’ve got my back.

I give it all I’ve got
 because you would expect nothing less.

Having you as my friend makes me a winner. ♥

Make it a point to say “Thank you, I’m grateful for…, You are special because…” to someone in your life!  Like we have learned in our Morning Meetings, it is so important, so meaningful, and so special when someone takes the time to let you know how you are appreciated.  Be an “Ordinary Mary” (a character in a book we read in class) and go make our world a more wonderful place! Post your mana’o. I am thankful for all of you.  I am truly blessed!  As usual, stay safe, be good, enjoy your ohana time, choose your attitudes, and go out and MAKE SOMEONEʻS DAY!  Happy Thanksgiving ka’u i’a!  Swim strong!


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