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Here is a copy of our class genre sheet that students are allowed to select from. If students are interested in a genre that is not listed, they need to first receive approval from me. Each of the students have a copy of this genre sheet in their in- class reading log. Have them share where they are now with you. Remember that 9 genres per trimester is the requirement. Each student should select a book that is the appropriate level for him/her & a minimum of 120 pages. The movie books (book that have been made into movies) can be read for enjoyment & entertainment,  but will not count toward the goals.   I will be sharing lexile levels in class in the coming week!   Click on the Reading Genres tab directly under our header class photo to get a look at the reading genre sheet. I also sent home a genre sheet yesterday, Thurs. 9/8 so you could keep track of genre completion at home as an ohana!  Happy Reading!

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