Ianuali 22 – 28, 2023

Po’akahi 1/23/23 (Day 3)

  • ES Robotics practice 2:45p-4:30p
  • Na Hoa Mele 2:50p-3:45p

Po’alua 1/24/23 (Day 4)

  • K-5 Charles Reed Bishop Convocation; Students are to come to school wearing Special Attire uniforms; white polo shirts; Boys – KS navy blue long pants; Girls – KS navy blue skirts; athletic footwear with white socks
  • ES Robotics practice 2:45p-4:30p
  • Kani Le’a 2:50p-3:45p
  • NLOK 2:50p-4:00p

Po’akolu 1/25/23 (K1)

  • P4 Huaka’i
  • 1A huaka’i

Po’ahā 1/26/23 (Day 5)

  • 1B huaka’i
  • NLOK 2:50p-4p

Po’alima 1/27/23 (Day 6)

  • Aloha Wear Day: Students have the option to dress in Aloha wear; Dress guidelines: Aloha wear must be Hawaiian print or attire that is designed by our ‘ōiwi designers. **Floral print is NOT Aloha/Hawaiian print. Jeans are ok (no rips, tears or distressed). Tank tops must be 2″ or wider. No spaghetti straps. Athletic footwear, sandals with back straps are ok for girls. **KS uniforms are mandatory IF student chooses not to wear Aloha attire.