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Pepeluali 4 – 8, 2019

2/4 – 2/8 I MUA WEEK

2/4/19 – Poʻakahi – Day 5

ES Kula Pride Day

Wear your new Ōiwi Edge t-shirts with uniform shorts, pants or jeans & athletic shoes

HS BB & Cheer Reps to have lunch w/ES haumāna

2:30pm – K-5 All kula picture

2/5/18 – Poʻalua – Day 6

Movie/Disney Character Day

Dress up as your favorite Movie/Disney character

6pm: Homecoming Game; Boys BB vs. Parker @ Koaiʻa Gymnasium & Introduction of I Mua Week Court

King & Queen:  Teva Reynolds & Chianti “Kiki” Motta            

Gr. 12: Kuliakanuʻu Acquaro & Blake Baclig                Gr. 11: Kyra Gomes & Tyson Vincent

Gr. 10: Keolakupaianaha Shores-Ulep & Michael Kuahiwi Glendon                    

Gr. 9:  Jourdan Park & Dacen Hisashima

Middle School:  Cheyenne Sato & Journey Leialoha

Elementary School: Makalani Kahele & Diesel DeMello

*Pilina ʻOhana Luncheon for invited Gr. 1 ʻohana. Please check in at front office & purchase your lunch ticket by 10:45am. Report to dining hall for lunch by 10:50am

2/6/19 – Poʻakolu

Circle of Life Day: Dress like your kupuna


2/7/19 – Poʻaha – Day 1

Athletes   vs. Mathletes Day

Dress in your athletic wear (team jersey, team uniform) or as a Brainiac, with uniform shorts, pants or jeans & athletic shoes

Lunch Activity

2/8/19 – Poʻalima – Day 2

Warrior Pride Day:

Wear as much Blue & White as you can to show your spirit!

Ok to wear jeans, must use athletic shoes

Braddah pop treat during lunch

ʻIanuali 28 – Pepeluali 1

1/28/19 Poʻakahi (Monday) – Day 1

Hauʻoli Poʻakahi!

Operations Appreciation Day! Kula Haʻahaʻa is thankful for our awesome Operations Uncles & Aunties! WE will celebrate them at our wā piko with a Mahalo presentation and ʻono gift baskets with goodies that have been provided by KSH Papa ʻEkolu, Papa ʻEkahi & Faculty.

1/29/19 Poʻalua (Tuesday) – Day 2

Hauʻoli Poʻalua!

Pilina ʻOhana Luncheon – Invited Papa ʻEkahi ʻohana please check in at the front office where you can also purchase your $6 lunch ticket. Lunch begins at 10:55am, please be at dining hall by 10:50am .

1/30/19 Poʻakolu (Wednesday)

Hauʻoli Poʻakolu!

Papa mālaaʻo – huakaʻi

*School ends at 1:40pm

1/31/19 Poʻaha (Thursday) – Day 3

Hauʻoli Poʻaha!

2/1/19 Poʻalima (Friday) – Day 4

Hauʻoli Aloha Poʻalima!

**ʻI Mua Week begins next week Monday, 2/4 – 2/8. Flyer of dress days & activities was sent home earlier this week. Please ask your keiki about it so you can help them prepare to participate!

ʻIanuali 21-25, 2019

1/21/19 Poʻakahi (Monday) – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL

1/22/19 Poʻalua (Tuesday) – Day 4

Hauʻoli Poʻalua – Welcome back to school, hope you had a fun 3-day weekend!

Pilina ʻOhana Luncheon – Gr. 1 A & B invited ʻohana check in at front office & purchase your $6 lunch ticket. Lunch begins at 10:55am, please check in prior to & report to the dining hall.

1/23/19 Poʻakolu (Wednesday)

Hauʻoli Poʻakolu!

Papa ʻEkahi: Huakaʻi to Kumuola

Papa ʻElima: Huakaʻi to Hilo One

1/24/19 Poʻahā (Thursday) – Day 5

ALOHA WEAR DAY:   Students, staff & faculty have the option to dress in Aloha attire. Please refer to student/parent handbook for dress guidelines. School uniform is mandatory if you choose NOT to wear Aloha attire.

1/25/19 Poʻalima (Friday) – Day 6

Hauʻoli Poʻalima

K-8 Charles Reed Bishop Convocation – 8am at Laʻamea (MS) Gym; Please wear Special Attire . Boys: White polo shirts, Pants – long, navey blue twill, pleated w/belt (grades 1-5)

Girls: White polo shirts, skirt – navy blue

*Athletic shoes, white socks, NO JEWELRY, except for watch. **See student handbook pages 25-26 for further dress requirements.

**Collecting gift basket items for Operations Appreciation day from 1st & 3rd Grade haumāna. Please drop off makana to front office with Kumu Nikki by Thursday, 1/24/19. Mahalo!

ʻIānuali 14 – 18, 2019

1/14/19 Poʻakahi (Monday) – Day 6

Hauʻoli poʻakahi!

MAP Testing

1/15/19 Poʻalua (Tuesday) – Day 1

Hauʻoli poʻalua!

MAP Testing

Pilina ʻOhana Luncheon – Gr. 1 A & B; Invited ʻohana check in at front office & purchase your lunch ticket $6. Lunch begins at 10:55am. Please check in prior to.

1/16/19 Poʻakolu (Wednesday)

Hauʻoli poʻakolu!

**Save First Deposit Day for grades 3-5; deposits to be made from 7:10am-7:40am at the Front office Lānai with the Credit Union Representatives. Last deposit date for month of January, don’t forget to make your deposit this month to continue to qualify for the great end of program incentive!! Call Kumu Nikki at 982-0268 if you have any questions.

Gr. 4 Huakaʻi

1/17/19 Poʻahā (Thursday) – Day 2

Hauʻoli poʻahā!

MAP Testing

1/18/19 Poʻalima (Friday) – Day 3

Hauʻoli poʻalima!

Deadline to submit PTO Hoʻolauleʻa Tshirt pre-order form & payment.

**We will be collecting makana from Gr. 1 & Gr. 3 haumāna for our ES Operations Appreciation Day. Deadline to turn in makana (for goodie baskets) is Thursday, 1/24/19.

***Monday, 1/21/19 is a Holiday – NO SCHOOL

Have a safe & beautiful weekend with your ʻohana! We will see you all back at school on Tuesday, 1/22/19!

ʻIanuali 7 – 11, 2019

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou!

1/7/19 Monday – Day 2

Welcome back to school!

1/8/19 Tuesday – Day 3

Hauʻoli poʻalua!

1/9/19 Wednesday

7:10am – 7:40am Save First Deposit Day for Grades K – 2

**Don’t forget to bring in your money to make a deposit with the representatives from the Credit Union! It’s not too early to start saving. If you would like to join in on this, you still can. Contact Kumu Nikki for more information!

Gr. 1 Huakaʻi

1/10/19 Thursday – Day 4

Hauʻoli poʻaha!

1/11/19 Friday – Day 5

Hauʻoli poʻalima!