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Malaki 27 – ‘Apelila 2, 2022


Kula Ha’aha’a Court Representatives: Reese Makaimoku & Kila Enos

Po’akahi 3/28/22 – Day 5

Dress up day: ‘Ōiwi shirt day – wear with school uniform shorts or jeans; athletic shoes

  • Keiki Choir P3: 2:45p – 3:30p

Po’alua 3/29/22 – Day 6

Dress up day: Tie Dye Tuesday – wear tie dye printed clothing (shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, socks, hats. athletic footwear. Hair accessories ok, NO hair color.

  • End of American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge
  • Papa 5 Pilina ‘Ohana lunch via zoom at 11am
  • NLOK P1-2 2:45p – 3:30p

Po’akolu 3/30/22

Dress up day: Wacky Wednesday – everything but backpack day; on this day, dress wacky, have a wacky hairdo – no hair color; Anything but backpack means to use anything BUT your back pack to carry your ‘ukana to kula. For example, carry your books in a suitcase, cooler, box, anything that works for you!! **Please remember that your ‘ukana will need to fit in your cubby hole.

Po’ahā 3/31/22 Day 1

Dress up day: Throwback Thursday – dress like students used to dress in the 70ʻs, 80ʻs & 90ʻs. Ask your ‘ohana what that looked like & get their suggestions or raid their closets!

  • Birthday celebration day! K-5 haumāna will receive a special treat to celebrate all of our friends that are born in the month of March!
  • NLOK P3-5 2:45p-3:30p

Po’alima 4/1/22 Day 2

Dress up day: Warrior Pride Friday – dress in any KS spirit wear or in blue & white. KS hats are ok (to be removed when indoors), hair accessories are ok; athletic shoes

  • Keiki Choir P4-5 2:45p – 3:30p
  • I MUA week (Homecoming) Court will be recognized at our Boys Volleyball game

Malaki 20 – 26, 2022

Po’akahi 3/21/22 – Day 2

  • 2:45p-3:30p P3 Keiki Choir

Po’alua 3/22/22 – Day 3

  • NLOK P1-2 2:45p-3:30p

Po’akolu 3/23/22

Po’ahā 3/24/22 – Day 4

  • Papa 4A & 4B huaka’i

Po’alima 3/25/22 – Kūhiō Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL