Kēkēmapa 11-17, 2022

Po’akahi 12/12/22 (D2)

  • Afterschool practices
    • Robotics
    • Nā Hoa Mele

Po’alua 12/13/22 (D3)

  • Afterschool practices
    • Robotics
    • Kani Le’a
    • NLOK

Po’akolu 12/14/22 (K1)

  • K-5 Chapel; students are to come to school wearing special events attire; KS white polo shirts; Boys – uniform blue long pants; Girls – uniform blue skirts or rompers; all to wear athletic footwear w/white socks.

Po’ahā 12/15/22 (D4)

  • NLOK – after school practice

Po’alima 12/16/22 (D5)

  • Aloha wear day; student are allowed to wear Aloha print wear; jeans are ok; athletic footwear for boys; girls are ok to wear sandals with back strap; no slippers; If not wearing Aloha wear then KS uniforms are required.
  • Founderʻs day rehearsal
  • Birthday celebrations during lunch period