Nowemapa 1 – 7, 2020

Poʻakahi (Monday) 11/2/20

Welcome to 2nd Trimester!

*Hybrid Learning begins! K-2 In-person learning students have been put into their groups & will be attending school on campus 1 day/week & will be in DL the remainder of week. Depending on what group you are in, A or B will determine if you will be attending kula on Tuesday or Wednesday.

School day will be a full day; 7:45am – 2:30pm

*Don’t forget to complete Student Wellness Check PRIOR to arriving on campus OR at bus stop. Haumana will NEED to show clearance upon arrival at kula OR at bus stop. Without clearance verification keiki will NOT be able to enter bus or step onto campus.

Poʻalua (Tuesday) 11/3/2020

  • K-2 Group A Haumāna on campus (7:45a – 2:30p)
  • K-2 Group B Haumāna on DL

Poʻakolu (Wednesday) 11/4/2020

  • K-2 Group B Haumāna on campus (7:45a-2:30p)
  • K-2 Group B Haumāna on DL

Poʻahā (Thursday) 11/5/2020

Poʻalima (Friday) 11/6/2020

Hauʻoli Lā Hānau wishes this week (11/1 – 11/7) to:

Papa 2: Cayden Tangaro

Papa 3: Bentley Santana

Papa 5: Lily Crabtree

Kumu Shonnie