8 Replies to “September 22-26, 2008”

  1. 1. All: Tech Committee Meeting – Maintaining a 5 year technology plan for KSH.
    2. SS/Outreach: Net Community Project – NFR Approvals. (Jodie Kimura & Kanoa Ng)
    3. ES/HS: MLP Survey Evaluation and Implementation Strategy (Mimi & Tina)

  2. 1. Meeting w/ Judy Cramer re: 6th grade iCart project proposal.
    2. 7th Grade meeting to discuss iCan Cafe for KMS.
    3. Podcasting training for KES gr. 1 teacher, Kehau Akiona.

  3. 1. HS Mtg to plan Oct. 6th H.S. Teacher workshop

    2. Assisted C. Reyes w/ Google Earth project for L. Duffy & L. Evensen

    3. Asssisted various teachers w/ development of their BB and podcasting.

  4. 1. ETS-I HS Team Mtg w Amy Kimura-PD for HS 1:1 Program
    2. Google Earth Training-Marine Science
    3. ePortfolio Mtg w Social Studies-K. Akiu & T. Gardipee

  5. 1. Assisted B. Kutsunai w/Atlas mapping software.
    2. Attended 3rd Grade team meeting.
    3. Meeting w/J.Cramer re: 6th grade iCart proposal.

  6. 1. ETS turnitin.com training
    2. team meetings with Lama and Kukui
    3. Tech Conference Planning Meeting.

  7. 1. MLP Meetings – Darrell, Chandell, Karen (H/R), Rhonda (H/R), KES Administrators
    2. ETS-I HS Oct. 6 Workshop Planning Meetng
    3. Meet with Gail F. to learn about Polaris system

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