This keyboard command allows you to quickly access your open applications and documents. Simply click and hold the APPLE key, then click the TAB key to scroll through the window that appears. When you find the application you’d like to open, let go of the TAB and APPLE keys. Have fun using this new command!

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  1. Regarding your Apple-Tab. You can even quit apps from the same menu. While still holding the Apple key on your highlighted app, you can hit Q and quit that selected app.

    Better yet. Try downloading an application called Quicksilver. You can find it at:
    Its like spotlight on steroids!!! No joke. Couple keystroke and you’re playing your favorite iTunes playlist. Or launch a website without even opening up a web browser. Even crazier, you can launch your automator apps. Created a workflow to send text messages to cell phones from my email.
    You may never use your mouse again.
    (correction, i still use two fingers to scroll menus with the track pad =).

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