E Ulu

From Nathaniel B. Emerson Unwritten Literature of Hawaiʻi:
The Sacred Songs of the Hula (1999)

E Ulu

E ulu, e uluKini o ke Akua

Ulu Kāne me Kanaloa

Ulu ʻōhiʻa lau koa me ka ʻeiʻei

Aʻe ami i noho i kou kuahu

Eia ka wai, he wai e ola

E ola nō e!


Grow, growIn the multitude of God

Grow with respect to the forest and sea

Grow with ʻōhiʻa, loa and ʻieʻie

Inhabit your place, O God

Here is the water, the water of life

Life forever!


Kumu hula master and Hawaiian cultural and language expert, John Keola Lake, taught this oli to Kumu Hula Kaʻanohi Aipa. In her halau it is often used as a gathering chant when haumana enter the forest to collect greenery for costumes or hoʻokupu (offerings). It may also be used when entering the forest for inspiration or guidance.