3rd Grade – Kalihi

Gr3_KalihiWetlands – Introduction
– Essential Question: How are wetlands formed?
Unit Map
Presentation Rubric

Lesson 1: Wondering About Wetlands
– Essential Question: How do wetlands help our community during a heavy rainfall?
– Learning Log 1: Learning Through a Model
– Map: Kalihi and Kapālama Ahupuaʻa
– Learning Log 2: Draw a Wetland Model

Lesson 2: Wetland Lōkahi
– Essential Question: How do plants and animals in a wetland need each other to survive?
– Learning Log 3: Research
– Learning Log 4: Graphing Data

Lesson 3: Math in the Marsh
– Essential Question: How do different plant and animal structures help organisms to survive in wetlands?

– Learning Log 5: Wetland Birds Adaptation

Lesson 4: Learning From Our Kūpuna
– Essential Question: How do moʻolelo, mele, and talks with our kūpuna help us to understand the place where we live?
– Moʻolelo: Kapukawaiokalihi – The Water Door of Kalihi
– Moʻolelo: A Tale of Kilohana Hill
– Learning Log 6: Letʻs Talk Story

Lesson 5: Wetland Kōkua
– Essential Question: How do wetlands help our community and how can we kōkua to care for wetlands?
– Moʻolelo: A Kapālama Moʻolelo – Kaulu Goes Sightseeing
Loʻi Kalo Park
Loʻi Kalo Park: Plant Hunt

Mālama Loʻi Kalo Park
Visiting Kawai Nui Marsh
• Moʻolelo: Moʻokapu, the Sacred Land
• Moʻolelo: Kaulu and the Lepo ʻAi Ia
• Moʻolelo: Kahinihiniʻula and the Magic Branch

Pre-Post Test